Sup (minds_been_lost) wrote in the_top_model4,

Hello Everyone!

As some of you may know, a new top model community has been created.  As a result, some unnecessary bickering and rather spiteful drama has emerged.  I'm not going to try to turn anyone against the other community or its moderator.  I'm not going to bash or badmouth it to you guys.  This whole ordeal has gotten way out of hand, and it needs to end NOW.  Life is too short to talk shit about people you don't know.  If you want to join, watch, apply to that community, that is perfectly fine with me.  I can't stop you, and even if I had the power to, I wouldn't.  You cannot control other people.  This is all meant to be fun. 

All of this drama has come from a silly, but rude comment that was left in one of the threads on here.  I don't mind a healthy competition, but when I go onto any of MY communities, I shouldn't expect to see disrespectful comments (from the moderator of all people of the community that technically stemmed from THIS community).  I also shouldn't see threads on other communities badmouthing the way I run my own community.  It is not easy running a community, and it's even harder running one such as this.  So many things factor into the completion and overall performance of a community that relies solely on other people submitting their pictures or whatever it is they need to have turned in, in on time. 

So, to the moderator of this other community, I can't make you stop with the negativity, but I would greatly appreciate it if you put an end to it.  You had a major disagreement with 2 of my mods, but that doesn't mean you have to disrespect me, them, this community, or any of my other communities for that matter to your members.  Whether my other communities completed or not, I've still been doing this since June of 2004.  Many of the reasons you've been calling my mods and I "hypocrites" are because of things I did in previous communities that you knew nothing about because…(simple put) you weren’t there.  So please don't get too ahead of yourself because of your one top model community.  It's a great community, and I wish you much luck and success with it. 
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